I need advice

I know I'm in the player behavior sub-forum, It's related I promise. No, I didn't get in trouble for anything I just- I feel like I need some guidance. I just uninstalled league a handful of hours ago because it's kind of making me angry and stressed. I had a match with an adc that had 50 cs at 25 minutes, I was watching my adc cs and noticed them hitting minions but almost never last hitting them. I'm not super high ranked, I'm only Silver3 but I don't understand how someone who doesn't even know how to cs is even in a silver game. That same match my mid laner was a fizz who consistently threw ult only at target locations instead of throwing them at max distance, I don't know if anyone knows what I mean by this but I hope it comes through how I wanted to explain it. Is it just me or is league kind of like a training ground on how to be toxic? I am not a toxic person in other games or in my life but league makes me feel like I am a scumbag or something deep down..It's pretty difficult to just 'have fun' too because there's always someone on a team being so passive aggressive or being angry at someone else on the team or something.
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