I would Like some Legal help "This is a update"

I have children, my wife is scared, and the simple fact that I got banned from league of legends is sickening... Local police have determined a program was used to find my ip address from League of legends. I am not allowed to talk about the case, But i am warning everyone, I GOT suspended FOR SOMEONE ASSAULTING ME! They drove 6 hours just to come Punch me out, questioning what the reason I got suspended? Riots determination and leave buster is flawed and Id like to have this taken off my record due to "REAL LIFE DANGER FROM YOUR GAME" Im not saying league of legends is a bad game, But the community has fallen... Im constantly getting toxic players and constantly getting trolled, So at this point from the hacker to bullshit... Im sorry but this game is ruined, multiple of my friends from season 1! are now calling this game a joke... So if riots too lazy and the games full of toxic children.... Why is riot letting this happen, and how did the attacker find my Address! FUCKED.... im sorry riot but this is my last post and my last time on league of legends, IM SCARED FOR OTHER MENTALLYILL HUMANS...
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