My leveling experience

So, recently I've had the joy of playing off of my main and on some new accounts, and I've noticed a few things. 1) The people that are smurfing normally outweighs the people that are actually that level. (Surprising, I know.) 2) The smurfs rarely ever try to help the new players, instead opting for insulting their lack of skill. 3) The amount of people that will AFK and RQ after a few deaths is mind boggling, a fair amount fo games eventually become 4v5's. 4) There is an insane amount of toxicity, to the point that if my mains games were like this I can guarantee that I would have quit years ago. I've been playing since pre-season 3 and I have never really bought into the "League's community is toxic" ideology. Because in my experience that was false. Sure, there were dicks, but for the most part people were nice and civil. But over these past few weeks on my low leveled account I have been baffled by the sheer amount of negativity and toxicity in them. Almost every game you can guarantee that someone will be insulting their teammates (usually the jungler or bot lane), inting, spam pinging, or a combination of all of these. Due to this I think the new player experience is horrible and I hope something can be done about it, because if it continues this way my favourite game will die. I don't know if RIOT could change it by making reports more effective at lower ranks, or what but for the sake of the game I hope that this changes. If you have experienced this please do tell, I'd be surprised if it was just me. I just wanted to get that off my chest, cause damn, it's disheartening. Anyhow, good luck in everyone's games and stay positive summoners! (Even though I don't think that's cannon anymore, BUT IT IS TO ME!!!) {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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