Wrongfully banned for intentional feeding

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Not sure how to share the replay, but I was given a 14 day for intentional feeding. The player support person claimed to have watched the game in question, but I suspect they just looked at the KDA and didn't watch the game. If anyone watched the game they would determine that I was not intentionally feeding this game. I don't think I even had a single death that would be considered intentional feeding, and most of my deaths were par for the course at my skill level of silver. It wasn't like I ran under the turret or I kept trying to kill the same person in a hopeless effort. Is anyone able to watch the replay and explain what I am missing? I don't want to get banned again, but I cannot figure out which deaths are "intentional feeding" when I was just trying to farm and not die. My report card for the ban only referenced this game and I cannot see what they are referring to as intentionally feeding. I tried really hard and I feel like I was punished for not leaving the game. Had I left the game I would have just gotten 20 minute queue timers instead of a 14 day ban for trying my best. I led my team in farm and many of my deaths were me barely not getting away due to the opponent's flash or ignite. Bans like this make me feel like I need to leave the game if I fall behind otherwise I am at risk of a 14 day ban (or perhaps a permanent ban). Had I just quit at 0/3, I wouldn't have been banned at all :( This isn't the first time this happened. A couple years ago I was banned for having a bad game as Riven top (never laned vs. Tristana before and it got ugly). They ended up removing the ban, and since then I only play Twisted Fate as I am afraid if I play anything other than my best champion otherwise I'll get banned for intentional feeding. It seems even with my best champ it doesn't make a difference as I get punished for having a bad game. If anyone does watch the replay and thinks it is intentional feeding, please tell me which deaths in particular so I can review the replay and avoid dying in that manner in future games.
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