PSA: Don't participate in MMR boosting

Within the first few months of a new season, I see a fair share of new discussions from players who were caught in a MMR boosting ban wave (whether they were the Booster or the Boostee), only to try to appeal it under the basis that they won't do it again, or it was only one game/tier/division. I'm going to get real with you right now. For starters, most boosters don't care about whether your account gets banned. They can use scripts, they can verbally abuse other players on your account, they can tell other players they are boosting your account, etc. Your account may reach that rank that you've been dreaming of, but it doesn't actually represent your growth as a player, and your account at that rank may very well may be short lived. No matter how desperately you want to win that series promotion, no matter how much you want this season's Victorious Skin, it's not worth losing your account permanently. ______________ #Related Resources * [Riot Support KB Article - MMR / ELO Boosting]( * [Riot Support KB Article - MMR Boosting Detection]( * [Boards Post by Rhojin - MMR Boosting Punishments for the 2015 Season](
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