People Who Add After Game To Continue Harrassment

So the obvious answer is to block/decline their requests, and I do that. But shouldn't there be a way of punishment for people who thinks it's acceptable to continue their verbal assault after you've left the lobby? It doesn't get to me, and it's only minor but it's just something that makes me think about what sort of people actually play this game. I wish there a way to eradicate all child like behaviour. I don't care about the occasional flame with in the game or out of frustration, but it just seems silly that we have children upon us, specifically wanting to utilize the platform to argue, and insult/hurl abuse. A report in game never feels as though it achieves anything. Reports almost feel like they aren't worth doing as we never get feedback, and it seems as though toxicity never gets punished. I'll quite often get a punishment (not complaining) by reacting to someone's idiocy, which I am trying to stop doing. All im saying is, is that it's like groundhog day every game on this server, and there's always a jerk on the team.
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