Submit Game Dodge Tickets to Riot

What if Riot allowed you to report back as to why you dodged a game, specifically ranked games. I get especially annoyed when I am in a role desired and someone else auto locks or a trade happens and another person locks a champion generally used in a specific role I.E Draven adc (maybe Mid). But if you are prepared to play bot, and said person already requested out of the role of jungle and the top laner agreed to trade... Now I feel trolled on. Not worth risking a whole game on. I would like to: 1. Report the player for toxicity or some other reason TBD 2. Report it to Riot, as games like that should be reviewable before LP is lost. Rather than auto removed. 3. At least feel better that I'm not being solely punished by the trolls, people not paying attention, etc and in essence becoming the toxic gamer to the leaver buster system.{{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
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