Chat Restrictions

Does anyone else feel like Chat Restrictions are being handed out extremely unfairly? I've been restricted 3 times in two months for defending not only myself, but communities and friends, yet when I report the toxic teammates who sling slander I don't even get feedback reports? How can someone say something 3x more extreme than me, and we report each other but I'M the one taking the hit? Riot needs to stop relying on automation to take care of reports. Someone shouldn't be able to accuse me of making %%%%%%%%% and rape jokes just because I said there was nothing wrong with being gay, and get me chat restricted for it. And worst of all, you can't even contest it! Because you can never get a hold of a real person, and if you do all they'll say is they can't do anything. I've been a part of this community for 5+ years and I have never been screwed so hard or felt like the game was really collapsing. {{champion:246}}

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