e-girl, make me a sandwich.

I feel as though Riot needs to add more words to their ban-list or phrases or if they're already on there -- give harsher or more swift punishments. The level of sexism that is on league is astounding, and I'm sure every female gamer can agree (who plays league) that this is true. Every few games there is someone who says something to me whether in all chat or on my team, "egirl". With the common understanding of e-girl being an internet slut or an attention whore, I believe this should warrant a ban under sexism. I don't type anything in game, I literally just play the game, but simply because my screen name is Jennay -- I get harassed. Some might say "then change your name because it's obvious you're a girl?" Why on Earth should I have to change my screen name for this reason? It is not me who needs to change my name, it's the sexism that needs to change. Having my name as my screen name is not offensive, being sexist is. Then there are those that chime in saying "boosted egirl, send me nudes, women belong in the kitchen, make me a sandwich, eat some chocolate, is it that time of the month, you need to change your tampon, or you need to get your girl on a leash". All of these extremely sexist comments should be punished harshly to discourage this type of future behavior. The issue with reporting sexist comments is that most of the league base players are MALE, therefore when they see someone bullying a girl on league -- they say nothing, because if they do, they are white knights and get bullied along with us. Afterwards, if you ask people to report that person for sexism -- you're met with "LOL EGIRL STFU, RIOT WON'T DO ANYTHING!", "WHITE KNIGHT!", and all sorts of other bullying comments. The end result is that they don't get reported for sexism, because it's a "loser white knight" thing to do. Then all of these guys continue being sexist, constantly calling girls they come across an "egirl", and harassing them. When someone gets reported by both teams (9x report), it seems to get investigated fairly quickly, while reports that are only done by 1 person seems to do nothing. I understand that if they checked every single report, there would be trillions -- which is why you have a computer filtering games for ban phrases and handing out punishments.. But what solution can Riot offer for sexist reports where only 1 person is reporting the offense? Does this person just perpetually go on their way harassing women in the community, and getting the occasional report due to player base ratio of men to women with the off chance they get a game with another female in it in quick succession? It should not feel like a crime to be a woman and play a video game, but with the constant harassment, it feels like it is. Apparently simply playing a game with a feminine name, playing a female champion, playing support -- warrants "@#$%*&! boosted egirl". I think Riot needs to work on more than just their internal struggle with sexism with employees, it needs to extend to the community's sexist problems as well.
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