You know.. improvement and meeting good ppl so far

Ever since i've made this second account, i've been doing so much better on my games/rank flex. I want to try solo/duo rank soon. I stated off 2 years ago, my main account is almost level 100 (level 90). I made a big mistake, when i first started off i played solo/duo rank when i didn't even know how to play the game (idiot on my part). I ended up in bronze then iron. Over the last year i made sure to learn each champion and how to play/counter them - etc. I finally am in silver on a promo to silver 3. Its a WAY better progress and im very proud, i easily in one night climb from bronze 1 to silver IV now trying to win my 3 games to promo Silver III. The teammates ive had, have not been trolls or flamers, my support when i play ADC actually helps, and we work as a team ( i know shocking!!). lol Also great map awareness finally! Not every game will go smoothly, but lately i've just been having fun and wanted to share my good progress. I hope others end up having good games and adc,sup,jnglr,mid & tops in games. -UsagiYumiko - {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
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