person has 27 one for alls all lost with 2 premades as anivia

i just landed in a team of what seemed to be 3 premades (according to their match history together) voting for anivia. i love anivia so i was in. well. should have seen it coming. all they did was follow me around the entire game and cancel my tp and recall with their w and try to kill me with their w. riot i understand trolls are hard to detect but if someone loses 27 games in a row with the same champ and pretty sure gets reported IN EVERY SINGLE OF THESE 27 GAMES i dare to say its time to fucking trigger a human review! the other random in our team wasnt as smart as me because he flamed them. pretty much running into their trap because now the system might punish him if that happens constantly. small edit: it didnt happen on this acc 1. im too lazy to relog and 2. i dont wanna "nameshame" via match history.
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