Was Hacked By a Scripting Xerath

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Well, today I was just hacked by some scripting Xerath and just logged on after a stressful day at school, but to my suprise when I logged in I was in champ select with Yasuo hovered, immediately I was confused and then the thought of me getting hacked popped into my mind and I quickly changed my password. After the game (where my settings were different hmmmmm), I looked in my match history (link above) and saw that someone played Xerath. No one knows my account information and I sure as hell don't play Xerath and after watching the game I could clearly see the guy was scripting. I decided to add the people in the game and they all told me what I suspected, that he, in fact, was scripting and that the whole lobby 9x me. The worst part is though he spent almost all my RP on some garbage emotes wasting a total of 1400 RP. I'm not sure what else to do but post this here, and I already tweeted to Riot games Support. I just hit honor level 1 and realized the error of my ways, don't let this hacker get me banned thanks.
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