Even the smallest encouragement can make a player improve in a game

After reading a lot of negative posts on the Player Behavior & Moderation, most of these negative posts that I read were about players getting chat restrictions, suspensions, and perma bans for toxic behavior and language. Yes, I know when there is a gaming community, there will be the toxic players that will bring down their teammates on their plays and criticize the player by insulting them. For example, "GG EZ", "KYS", "Uninstall the game", "Dude u fcken suck", and simply calling teammates names that are not positive. And yes, these are actual quotes that I have encountered while playing , either I'm being called these or another teammate of mine. Being toxic IS NOT CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM. Constructive criticism is explaining how someone can improve on their play and by giving tips on how to play their champion, but in a nice way. Saying "Stop Fcken Feeding" is not the same as "Hey, can you stay back until we regroup for a team fight in mid". The difference here is that "Stop Fcken Feeding" does not improve on how someone plays while "Hey, can you stay back until be regroup for a team fight in mid" gives the person insight on what to do and gives instruction for what the player can do for that game and take this lesson to games later on throughout their time playing League. Telling a player that they are trash and should not play this game anymore is like going up to a stranger and saying that they're trash and should give up. By saying something rude over the internet does not change the fact that you are insulting another human being. By simply giving someone a compliment like "GJ" when one of your teammates gets a solo kill to complimenting on someone's play that was amazing could really boost on player's confidence and morale. By being nice to teammates, it gives them that boost to play better and to make even more plays that will lead your team to victory. Positive reinforcement can also make a person's day much better as well. Many players I know play league to escape from outside influences that put them down and by saying something nice can improve their day. With a more positive community, it can lead to many more positive players and games that are a lot more fun to play.
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