Banning shouldn't exist to this degree.

You can legit buy a fucking level 30 account off Ebay for 5 dollars. You banning me over and over when I'm only part of the issue isn't doing a fucking thing, so why not just bring back permanent chat restrictions? I feel like you shouldn't lose an account because you type things like "You're fucking awful please uninstall" when the overly sensitive player who never goes outside could've just muted me instead. I can understand fucking banning someone over intentionally feeding, but over some words? Are you serious? Is this community that fucking sensitive? It's words on a fucking screen that can be just taken away with a simple click of a fucking button, but instead I get banned for "unsportsmanlike behaivor" when my Draven has 6 tears, ran it down mid 11 times and is still playing to this day with his account being untouched. "Oh, well he did it one time, shouldn't result in a ban". Correction, he's done it 3 times in his past 20 games, but the second I show ANY FORMS OF FUCKING NEGATIVITY via text, we got some retards spamming "report our jungler for calling me an idiot". Give me a fucking break dude, this has got to be the WORST fucking problem this game has. You can't mute a player from running it down mid, that is my argument, and for you who are going to downvote this thread, grow some fucking hair on your nuts and fight your own fucking battles. It's like the players who play this game are the children, and Riot is their mommies, so when some other kid in Pre K calls them a stupid poopy head, they go tattle tale.
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