Is this toxic?

Game 1 Pre-Game MurryPoppins: hes and lsc prodigy tho MurryPoppins: lcs* In-Game MurryPoppins: why? MurryPoppins: dont fight lee sin early MurryPoppins: just farm MurryPoppins: and get stacks MurryPoppins: true MurryPoppins: syndra just gotta farm MurryPoppins: and one shot ed draven MurryPoppins: gotta enjoy 300 health healing MurryPoppins: it takes alot of skill to point and click to heal quarter of ur hp MurryPoppins: I dont heal MurryPoppins: ff@15 MurryPoppins: im done MurryPoppins: stfu MurryPoppins: u dont need to admit shit for me not to know MurryPoppins: R%%%%% riot cant fix rank system but makes broken champs MurryPoppins: Idiotic MurryPoppins: gg MurryPoppins: one job MurryPoppins: dude next time MurryPoppins: dodge MurryPoppins: or play a adc jg MurryPoppins: syndra open mid MurryPoppins: tops open MurryPoppins: bots open MurryPoppins: 1/4 MurryPoppins: as jinx with thresh support MurryPoppins: stfu MurryPoppins: get a rename MurryPoppins: prodigy of trash MurryPoppins: gl top sylas MurryPoppins: ???? MurryPoppins: FK THIS TEAM MurryPoppins: DOESNT WANNA FF MurryPoppins: END U IDIOTS MurryPoppins: ? MurryPoppins: who called who monkeys? it might be toxic in the sense that i was MEAN. i didnt even full focus down someone and insult them (i had 3 "bad" words directed at 3 different people, "stfu" @ jinx, "Stfu" @ sylas, and "idiots" @ whole enemy team. but like... how am i gonna get 10 game chat restriction when jinx in my game inted and called someone a monkey (which i heard was racist so i reported) she inted and she was talking all (i muted her) than i had to deal with a sylas opposing and couldnt do jack cuz he heals 500 hp with w in seconds and my jgler was an adc main who got autofilled with no ranking so riot rank system placed him with me :| i lost promo game and got chat restrctions when both botlaners (jinx and a thresh) were trash talking all game. bot was 3/16 by the end of the game... i dont know i probably deserved it tilted my head off RIOT please if u see this understand ur new ranked system sucks people get autofilled and dont give 2 sh*ts about the game cuz its not their main roles and they dont dodge if the games are in low elos and games are lost and people lose their mind. also people dont wanna rank each god damn role that exists like.... :| even streamers know this so if u listen to me listen to them also pls pls pls pls pls STOP RELEASING CHAMPIONS THAT HEAL a quarter of their hp with point and click... like its not fun to play against at this point im ranting but yeh i just do this to release steam, BUT was i truly toxic ive had an account perma banned so i try avoiding it now adays but i just couldnt hold it anymore that jinx and thresh ticked me off... she had the audcaity to int and than tell me im playing bad cuz "im bad" she died multiple times b4 5 mins at that point i gave up after my 3 death
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