I lost lp because a tryndamere forgot smite

So, i was starting up a ranked game hoping to play a **FAIR** game and have a good time in hopes of earning some more lp but something unfair happened not to our team in champ select but mostly for me. the day before today i won 3 ranked games and did fairly well earning my lp, and today the enemy jungler forgot to grab smite ill explain later why this is a problem later. and so he just went top lane with an oriana, and the Mordekaiser on my team wanted me to play safe...... so i did. or at least i tried. unfortunatly it was an Oriana and Tryndamere in top lane so while i stayed in fornt and under my turret to get some xp and cs she was CC'ing me from a safe distance. and then when i left my turret because the wave was getting pushed up **(i would be level one) the enemy level 3 tryndamere would stop me from walking up and so would the level 3 Oriana.** But i think the not grabing smite was on purpose because the game we had before that was also a ranked game and it was the exact same team as the game they went duo top. The tryndamer in game stated **"im duo'ing with all these guys you ret*rd"** and so like i was saying the game before the duo'd top laners the Tryndamere actually did have smite meaning he purposfully changed it to something else when they all new which roles they were getting as they were all in the same party. so i would hope that mabye i could get my lp back and if not that unfortunate but i want to know if the people i reported get banned or not and for how long as conformation. {{champion:32}} {{champion:32}} {{champion:32}}
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