Is it punishable if an enemy encourages one of your int'ing team mates?

I just had this game where I had an intentionally feeding Lux, I was supp, (autofilled of course). The Lux tilts, types in all chat to report her team. She then goes down to Vayne near the tri bush down at bot, flashes to her and makes no effort to try to kill her, she respawns and during our bot lane fight, she runs it down midway without casting any abilities. The Vayne said she would honor her and encouraging her, (I know she can't honor but the gesture). I asked her if she could report her, she didn't really respond, the fact that she isn't going up against this behavior because its not on her team is disgusting. I personally feel like this should be punishable for negative behavior. TL;DR Lux int'ed, Vayne encouraged her, can Vayne be punished for that?
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