It's not possible to get banned for off meta picks, right?

I know there are outliers like the teemo and singed support that actually did get banned, and that worries me. But for a regular person not playing ranked, it should be fine, right? Bit of context: A goal of mine, that isn't going to get fufilled with the amount of champs that come out, but it's something to work towards anyway, is to get every champion to mastery 7. The catch? I only play support. Regular supports are obviously fine. I've had a bit of backlash from teammates when I get a bit more offmeta, like when I was working on Ashe, Orianna, and Kayle. But those champions can still support fine, play them right and they can be pretty effective! But what happens when I run out of champs that are supports? Is something like Akali gonna wreck my account?

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