does ANY report slow down honor progress?

I got out of honor 0 in 5 days.
In a little over a month i got two check points and am almost level 2 again. I don't understand why people are taking so long to get out of honor level 0.
according to the link i provided, it is possible to go from honor 0 to honor 1 (or 2?) in 5 days. since the honor system is live, the only person i know who did it in a few weeks was imaqtipie. and that guy plays like 100 games a day. when i got my deserved CR and hit honor 1, it took me almost 4 months to get back to h2. without saying anything besides my usual gl hf and gg wp. AND AGAIN i never SAW ANYONE getting back to honor 2 in less than like 2-3 months. so my serious question is: if you get reported and literally did nothing, does just the actual report slow down honor progress? because this is the only way i can explain myself how ONE SINGLE PLAYER managed to climb an entire honor lv in 5 days, while everyone else takes legit months to do it.

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