Ranking System and Player match up

Let me start this off by saying by no means am I a fantastic player. I am just the average person who enjoys playing this game and dose try really hard to have a good game and work with the team. I was silver 2 ( yes laugh away). Last 10 - 20 games, I have match with people that are not at my level meaning dose not actively try to win the game. Has no thought process of how to manage the lane they are in, dose not wait for ganks when they are behind, dose not prioritize objectives. It is just absurd how bad these people are. Even CSING, I wish you could watch my last 20 or so games (Wouldn't take long most are done by the 23min mark) . And just watch. I do not do bad most of the time I go even or win lane (YES there are some games where I get camped whole game and tower dove repeated so I lose pretty hard) but that dosnt even matter cause Mid, JUNGLE ,BOT have fed so hard you cant come back from it (Well you could, but the team dose not work) I am talking feeds bot lane 18 kills by 20min, Feeds jungle 10 kills by 11 mins, Farms whole games and dose not assist the team, AFKS, Trolls, mid and bot losing both up to inhibitor by 22mins RIOT WHAT IS THIS SHIT???? I can understand one or two games here and there but 20 games in row? How can I improve my game play when I have people like this on the team? When I play draft the quality of the teams are so much better and I win more often, i get into ranked and I get given the worst people to play with. HOW IS THIS?
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