sending in a ticket is sometimes necessary

yeah one guy in a game told me "kys " you're a bitch" "kill yourself" I reported him... no instant feedback report nothing.. waited 2 days.. saw him still active on clearly he was never going to get punished for something I had thought was a ZERO TOLERANCE punishment So I sent a ticket, it took 3-4 days.. idk why it's raking riot support so long now a days they're usually very quick about tickets 1-2 days, also I have another ticket that hasn't been answered yet and it's been 4 days. so anyways I sent the ticket, got a response about 6 days after I reported this person in game, after the response I logged in and got an instant feedback report which I'm 80% sure was from him. an instant feedback report 6 days later lmao. and I can see he hasn't played on since riot responded so clearly the instant feedback system isn't perfect and It seems like if you type.. less than 7 sentences in a game the ifs doesn't recognize words or something. so please if you don't get that instant feedback report on words you KNOW have zero tolerance and you continue to see that person playing on Just send a ticket, it helps
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