The passive expectation to play therapist to mentally unstable teammates is honestly enraging.

Title. Haven't played ranked in awhile, decided to dive back in. Not the best placements, but that's expected, as ranked itself has always been a shitshow of too many variables, but something I'm noticing in A LOT of my games is that there's always at least one person you have to talk off the emotional ledge. Now, I PERSONALLY don't engage in such discussions with teammates, as I'm not here to emotionally manage individuals whom I am not related to, friends with, or sleeping with, but in general, there's always one (sometimes more) people who just absolutely lose it, and need to be talked off the proverbial ledge. Why is this? Why is this a thing? Why is it somewhat expected to talk these teammates down and emotionally manage them? That's just anti fun. Something I'm missing here?
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