When you're behind, and a jungler ganks for you...

...your response should be to 1) Actually TRY to do damage while they tank everything and 2) To say "Thank you" because most junglers will ignore your heavy lane and go top 17 times or something. Recently had a game against a Riven jungle (lul) that I actually lost, because my bot lane didn't really wanna cooperate. The MF ended up with a decent amount of kills but mind you most of them were KS from our Singed. She starts losing lane hard to a Vayne, somehow, and when I (Nunu) try to come in to help, she just kinda... sits there and afk autos minions instead of going on with me. Then goes "omg all u do is die stop ganking" after I died the second time to a Riven countergank with their Vayne 2hp 'cos she wasn't doing anything to help. What kind of mentality is this? Why do people like this play team games? "I don't want a teammate go away." >Proceed to never properly group and only get caught and die solo splitting a lane.
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