I love going into a league of legends game and having 2 people just feed their asses off and when asking for help i get flamed for it. in turn i flame back but saying nothing vulgar. just the usual passive aggressive things. but instead im the one that gets banned with them receiving no punishment in return. i was just perma banned for "flaming" but i said nothing that was extreme. and with it was attached 2 other games where i didnt flame hardly at all, i said maybe one thing and that was it. but did they get banned? no. not a single punishment. not even a slap on the wrist. the system is just completely ridiculous when it comes to banning/suspending players. how can a system ban someone for saying the bare minimum and not ban someone who is down right feeding.. this game is fucking ridiculous. ive been playing since s5 i think and ive bought skins and supported the game to the greatest extent and what do i get in return? a perma ban for calling someone and idiot. good on ya riot games. million dollar company and your game is still shit with the shittiest community out there. you're doing great. fuck you Riot.
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