Riot, Snowflakes?

I believe Riot as a company, probably one of the worst company in the world of video games period. any "toxicity" in the in-game chat is met with bans and punishments that just dont fit the crime at all, riot employees need to understand when 2 sometime 3 other players are being toxic toward you 1 or 2 things are said in return, it is rediculous that the players that are defending themselves are the ones banned as well. i was perma banned the other day for using the word "fuck" not even in an aggressive manner towards other players and i really think that this game has very limited time left giving all of this continuously poorly managed changes. i also believe that Riot employees should be made to watch the game and how the players were acting in game before a permanent ban is given, chat is misleading largely and it is of gross incompetence that this continues and has for 7 years
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