Can we talk about the "Enemies are Missing" pings?

Okay, so I'm going to preface this by saying, I know this has been said before, and I know you can just mute pings. BUT I've got to say, people abusing this ping to harass teammates for making a single mistake is one of my biggest pet peeves since I came back to league a couple of months ago. I took a year and a half off. I left due to toxicity, and it seems like the game has improved in that regard, but honestly the pings getting used in that way really drives me insane. Honestly, It's akin to someone typing "you're an indiot" in chat, and it tilts people. Especially if it's the first 3 minutes of the game, and you do one tiny thing wrong and get blasted with question marks. That's uncalled for, and I feel like it's toxic behavior. But I'm not sure if people actually get punished for abusing it. I report everyone that does, but I haven't gotten one of those "a player your reported got punished." messages in a long time. I'm wondering if changing the symbol for that ping to make it not a question mark would be better. I know people are going to abuse whatever they have to be jerks, it's just human nature. But let's make it harder for those people.
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