Perma Banned

I know a lot of people come on here and just get railed for being too toxic and people saying their bans were justified but this ban and i know others have gotten these perma bans to is ridiculous. I havent been toxic in years i did not have a on going chat restriction and i get one bad game, boom its over? 6 Years of my account gone for this? Is a permanent ban really justified here? In-Game Keitron: this game is gg Keitron: trash botlane Keitron: im 4/1 Keitron: and your 0/6 botlane Keitron: lmfao] Keitron: all time? Keitron: i have been diamond years in a row Keitron: and i get are people like you] Keitron: total garbage Keitron: and you havent stopped feeding since them Keitron: 0/3 Keitron: "name changes" Keitron: of all the accounts you bought cause you get banned from elo boosting? Keitron: rough Keitron: i played less then a hundred game last year Keitron: i barely ever play Keitron: all you do is play and intent karma and cry about my 18 games lmfao Keitron: No ad on team Keitron: gg Keitron: 0/8 botlane Keitron: get me out Another player on my team was antagonizing me, the 0/3/0 support and i just fought back.
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