Why do I keep playing jungle?

I first started playing this game late season 2 and became a jungle main near the end of season 4 and have been one ever since. I have never been so discouraged to play jungle as I have been this season. I have been flamed game after game after game, _even if I am carrying the whole team_. For me, jungle used to feel so much more fun and enjoyable, even when I got flamed for not camping someone's lane or not 1v5 suiciding for the 1% chance play of stealing an objective. I just loved the role for what it was and it relaxed me to play it. I know it's strange to think I loved the role even after being flamed game after game after game in **_normals_** for playing something I wasn't good at because I wanted to learn how to play it, and get better at it. A win felt really, really good, and I was addicted to the role. Now I feel terrible playing jungle even when the game is a lot of fun and isn't a one sided 15-20 minute stomp, which almost never happens in this meta. I don't know if I'm just burned out from playing jungle, being flamed over and over for mistakes that I didn't make, or something else, but it doesn't feel rewarding to play jungle anymore. Maybe it's the meta, maybe it's the toxicity finally getting to me, but has anyone else had the same feeling this season or in previous seasons?
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