Rant about the Hashinshin ban

So I'm not really trying to defend Hashinshin in this rant but hear me out. So as you all know Hashinshin was banned some days ago for going 0/14 on Viktor, now I can understand how some people would consider this inting, yes he should have just not tried to fight Riven all those times, yes he could have just sat in base and not farmed, cause that's pretty much the only way he wasn't going to die, yes maybe he could have roamed instead and helped other lanes out possibly, but then that leaves top wide open. Now to my real question on why I made this rant, Why is it that he gets instantly banned for ONE, I REPEAT ONE game that he did REALLY bad in, and yet we have some people that int feed literally 20 games in a row that are 2/19 in literally every game and they haven't seen a ban since Y2K, this just goes to show me that as long as you have a kill or so that counts as "trying" so they don't get banned ever. I enjoy watching Hashinshin from time to time, he brings interesting perspective to the game and how some champs can be in an overwhelming state for very long periods of time and have nothing done to them just because the balance team doesn't actually play the game or know what they're doing. _**All I would like to see is some consistency in Riots thought process when it comes to handing out bans for literally 1 offense.**_ Sure Hashinshin might have fed a lot of kills but in no way do I think he honestly did it with the intent of "Oh I'm just going to feed this Riven" I think he was tilted and even I sometimes don't have the best games, example I remember not too long ago going like 5/16 just because I WANTED to win and my team was not acting so I decided to act and try to engage fights cause no one else was, then when I died while they watched me and didn't even try, they proceed to call you a feeder, maybe you took some farm from their lane after they got a kill and you tried to tax, leading them to flame you cause they don't know how the game works in terms of ganks, so they intentionally don't help and make you feed so they can blame and report you after game. Shit like this happens to me at least once a month. There are very little people like that on this game but we think stuff like this always happens to us because they burn memories in our head of some of the worst league games we've had. _**All I'm saying is I don't think ANYONE should get a ban for 1 time offense in terms of feeding, cause it can happen really easy. You either have the choice of sitting behind tower and getting dove anyway and risk getting reported for feeding, or sit in base cause if you leave you'll die and get called an inter, and risk getting reported for afk'ing. It's a trap on either end of the stick.**_
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