Reminder: "Well Played" is not the same thing as "Good Game"

I run into this a lot. People equate "well played" with "good game" and get insulted. Take the phrases at face value, people. There's a reason "GGWP" is 4 letters. GG and WP are two separate concepts that just happen to go together in a perfect game. Today, for instance, the enemy team had 2 members who never connected. It was ARAM, so there was no /remake option. The remaining 3 didn't just sit at spawn and wait for the end. They ran out and met us and proceeded to give us a fight. When we inevitably won, the kill score was 15 to 14 in our favor. As the Nexus exploded, I told them, "Well played." In post-game chat, I immediately told them, "Sorry about the 3v5." The response? "How the fuck you gonna call that well played?" He was angry at me for daring to say they played well. I didn't call it a good game (and I never do if the other team is missing players). It would be rude to say they *didn't* play well. They maintained almost even kill rates with our team, despite having a 40% smaller team. * **If you actually tried your best and didn't just give up, I'm going to acknowledge that you played well.** If you sat in spawn and/or ran it down every chance you got, I will not. * **As long as there were no AFKs or blatant griefing, I'll declare it a good game.** If my team has a numbers advantage due to disconnects/leavers, I won't call it a good game (although I may call it GG if my own team was at a disadvantage if the game still flows well). You can play well without having a good game. Conversely, you can have a good game without playing well. Learn to take a compliment and stop assuming everything is an insult.
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