Ever get a chat restriction for playing with a premade that doesn't like you? Yupp Same here.

So I'm Here to get the attention of a dev, Because apparently blitzcrank bot is Refusing to give me a human right now. Because blitzcrank bot "Knows" this is not a "Restrict-able" problem but I got reported by 4 people in 1 game, because they were a "premade 4." I will be posting this chat logg after this message tho, Back during the Tribunal *I was in it* I'll admit we had a few "bad seeds" However most of the time people were punished accordingly. Now that blitzcrank bot has taken over he literally doesn't care as long as you have had a restriction in the past *here is the funny part, That was also a premade 4.* So now twice I have been reported by a premade 4 and got restricted by a premade 4, what am I supposed to do? No one is replying to me on the support page. I've clicked on request a human 15 times and you know what it tells me? "You've already completed this survey, Thank you!." Might aswell ask the community this same question, How is it fair? I'm going to post the SINGLE GAME CHAT LOG Right here. Mind you it's only my chat, you will note at the end tho I thank a person on the enemy team because HE TOOK MY SIDE AND REPORTED THEM. Pre Game Lobby: Robbiiieee: seriously? Robbiiieee: and the champ isn't worth banning Robbiiieee: It's a god dam normal Robbiiieee: if you want to be achild and ban someone ON YOUR TEAMS CHAMP go to rank Robbiiieee: so you can get inted and lose Robbiiieee: Enjoy the report akali Robbiiieee: no reason to freaking ban my champ Robbiiieee: So? Robbiiieee: No one is even playing qiyana Robbiiieee: literally did it to flame me Robbiiieee: it is personal Robbiiieee: enjoy the report In Game: [All]Robbiiieee: report akali please banning my champ in champ select for no reason [All]Robbiiieee: Qiyana Been having fun with her and she just banned her for no reason [All]Robbiiieee: and yes [All]Robbiiieee: was literally being a dick Robbiiieee: IT WAS DECLARED Robbiiieee: It literally had her talk when she banned it [All]Robbiiieee: because you weren't paying attention Robbiiieee: akali learn to roam please thank [All]Robbiiieee: this akali dude =/ [All]Robbiiieee: and your ruining my game Robbiiieee: how the hell do you guys die so fast? Robbiiieee: move from it? Robbiiieee: not that difficult [All]Robbiiieee: team is flaming me because they don't know how to leave the illaoi ult Robbiiieee: that what you wanted? Robbiiieee: there you go Robbiiieee: games over akali Robbiiieee: hope your happy [All]Robbiiieee: akali was pinging me why I'm NOT going in [All]Robbiiieee: so I went in and now they want to report me [All]Robbiiieee: i don't get it [All]Robbiiieee: this premade is tilting me Robbiiieee: basically dead [All]Robbiiieee: for what? [All]Robbiiieee: I've atleast been trying Post Game Lobby: Robbiiieee: you literally banned the champ i wanted Robbiiieee: then fed hecarim Robbiiieee: You guys were flaming me for doing what you told me to do Robbiiieee: esp akali Robbiiieee: akali you fed hec same with mid Robbiiieee: says the one who is banning a champ who is PRESELECTED on his team Robbiiieee: Thanks hypnotic Robbiiieee: akali Robbiiieee: literally flammed me first half the game Robbiiieee: yet i was DOING my job Was I upset during the game? Ofc, Was I inting? no I was being flamed hard during the first 5 minutes even tho I got our team FB after Akali literally was playing afk under turret. I'll admit I picked a champ I don't play that much but It's a normal and they took my Hecarim. Also it was Rammus and I build pure tank. Then got flamed for doing "no damage" Yet I got in trouble? Thanks
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