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*UPDATE 2018-04-06* I was informed that this bug should've been resolved at the beginning of this week. I just finished testing the steps that used to reproduce the bug and it allows me to submit a request now. For those who ran into this specific bug previously, can you test it out to see if you're still unable to submit a ticket? *END UPDATE* Hey everyone, I've been checking on a few reports on the Boards where you guys have had difficulties submitting a request through the Support Site--mainly when you try to submit a ticket, the website requests that you log in even though you were already logged in on the League of Legends website. After checking with one of the engineers, it looks like this is due to a bug where if you're previously logged in on the League of Legends website (eg. the Boards), it's not making a seamless transition to the Support Site. As such, the navigation bar on top will notice you're still logged in, but when you try to submit a support ticket, the site will request that you log in. While this is being investigated by our engineer, you can work around this by logging out of the League of Legends website and logging into the [Support Site]( before submitting your support ticket. If you still have issues submitting a support ticket, please feel free to reply to this thread or reach out through the [Riot Games Support Twitter]( so we can assist you with accessing the Support Site.
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