Relic Shield

I'm a Soraka main. I ducking love her, but sometimes she gets stolen in champ select. I was thinking to learn Leona to wreck her in this case, and I love her kit, but then I run into a problem.. Leona really likes to buy relic shield.. it gives her the stats she likes, and the extra health regen helps sustain her and her carry.. It's great. The problem is... you have to spend entire game begging your team for cs and it's toxic as fuck. Like seriously. Like often I'll ask, can you let me farm next wave? *bam* They one shot it and I can't do shit. So I'm just like.. bruh. Next wave, I'll spam back ping and they still take it, lmao, at which point I'm just seething.. not even so much at them since I know they're bad and don't understand, but at rito for making this stupid freaking item, lol. Or I ask someone to come with me so I can farm wave to finish my quest, and they don't understand so they don't listen to me and then wave just dies unfarmed (or I take it without help) and then I can't ward objectives for the next 5 minutes because nonstop fights break out.. like seriously? Another example: I was roaming a fair amount in a recent game, and I come back to lane and ask for cannon (I had ~100 gold remaining for quest), but my adc just starts hitting it anyways, so I legit had to flash to get it.. (and of course get ??? Pinged after lmao) but I needed it to finish my quest for wards so I had no choice.. I'm in low gold btw, and it gets even worse in bronze/silver (norms)... It's not really their fault either, like they need to understand what they need to succeed first before they can understand/plan for what their teammate needs from them at any given point in time. But like why should my team have to be plat or w/e just for me to use a standard support item?? fasdfawerwa I mean I don't understand why you would make an item that legit forces you into a you vs your team situation like that. It literally pisses me off so much every time I use this item that I just can't stand it. Like whoever designed this deserves a special place in hell lol. I want to support my team. That's why I play support, not spend whole game begging them to give me the ducking minions. @_@ I've tried playing coin, but it feels pretty meh in comparison to the health regen and stuff I get off relic. I feel like it's pretty freaking stupid to be forced to choose a fairly suboptimal item over griefing my team over cs.
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