New Ranked System Screwed Middle of the Road Players

Before they changed the system to add iron, I was Gold 5 and climbing. After they updated it I'm Gold 4, I said hey a promotion that's good. But no, apparently I got dropped from top ~25% of players to top ~40% of players and I'm definitely back in elo hell again. In the last 2 weeks I've played 12 games of Kayn. I'm 6-6 on him. Am I just a trash 50% WR Kayn? No, 4 of those losses came from AFKs. It's hard to remember and count exactly, but in my last 30 games, there's been at LEAST 6 AFKs, which is 20% of games. Even in the games that didn't have AFKs, most of them weren't competitive. At one point I climbed all the way from Bronze 4 to Gold 4, so I know what elo hell is and this is it. I don't have any control over my wins or losses, most games just go to the team that's lucky enough to not have the 15 year old rage quitter/troll on their team. Other things that have happened in my last 30 games: 5/8 Jax gets solo'd by a 3/11 neeko under his tower to lose us the game, support intentionally steals my blue buff level 1 without any sort of provocation, mid and bot (with a shaco support) that combines for 3/28, jungler loses dragon to a thresh auto attack when it's only thresh and him there and thresh was visible for at least 5 seconds beforehand AND OUR JUNGLER HAD SMTIE, enemy udyr misses 5 cs under tower in a row, none of his minions there, he just doesn't know that melee minions need 2 turret shots + 1 auto and casters need 1 + 1 auto. I used to be proud to be a solid Gold 5/4 player considering how much I play, but now through no fault of my own I've been thrown back into the dumpster and I have to completely switch my play style that I've gotten used to over the last few years to accommodate for the fact that I can count on my teammates exactly 0% of the time.
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