Riot says they don't want a prisoners island, and won't admit they've already made one

honestly you guys have made a system.. to keep banned players banned, it's genius, throw in a master/diamond player, with players ranging in skill from iron-platnium and add in other players who've just come off of a perma ban, telling me to kms. so not only do my teammate's skills differ DRASTICALLY every single game (which is really triggering especially in the bot lane where it's a duo), but I always get to have a surprise/displeasure of finding out whether I'll get an inter, and afker, a chat flamer, or a troll who steals roles or all of the above. Riot has done all of this.. just to get me to flame my bad team mates, and to make sure the already banned players stay permanently banned, but I won't do it, I will reach level 30, ruin the ranked experience for 150+ games and be honor 5 with end of season rewards, by getting 4 honors from the team mates I carry. also what is the point of having to play 160~ games to get to level 30, like holy fucking shit, it's so dissatisfying it's actually a miracle that not everyone trying to make a second account doesn't just run it down or flame all game. is ranked supposed to be a reward or something?? it's my understanding that you have to level to 30 before you can play ranked so you can learn the game, but there's also a 20 champion minimum cap on ranked, who the hell cares if an inexperienced player enters ranked after they get 20 champions, every new account gets placed in iron anyways. now if ranked is a reward, then at least make it clear, I feel like the whole leveling to 30 system is pointless garbage, why can't you play random game modes at level 3? why can't you aram at level 3? what's the actual fucking point. legit banning a player and having them get back to level 30, is the same shit as if you just put them with other toxic players until they played 160~ games without being toxic/troll. except riot is taking all the money you spent on an account, not only that. but players who are new to league of legends are getting affected by it too. you're placing plat players with players new to league of legends "oh but new players actually get separated from smurfs at the starting levels", yeah. players new to MOBA'S, it damn well doesn't separate a silver dota player or a silver heroes of the storm player from a platinum league of legends smurf so instead of giving toxic players... what they would agree to, an island they can't leave until they play a certain amount of games, regardless of how long it takes to get a match, you'd get to keep your main account. they decide to ruin the experience for new league players, lock you in to pre 30 for 160~ games. and take away all of your Blue essence so you can't swap champs, mix players of vastly different skills together, mix toxic players with non toxic players, and still claim that they don't want to create a prisoners island Can't call it a prisoners island, if they're just new accounts :)
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