Can they please do something about yuumi?

Yuumi is just too strong. Even if her adc is bad or if the yuumi player has no idea what they are doing they can find substantial success because they give free stats and her abilities have too much scaling. 2 games in a row that I just had with yuumi in the game neither player has ever played yuumi one on my team and one on the enemy team. The one on my team just stuck her ass permenatly on to the back of an aatrox and destroyed the enemy with every ult engage. the second she got stomped and sucked faces with a predator pyke jungle and they literally were able to come in q someone and ult. and entire team is there no problem yuumi ults and pyke stuns them all and ults them. we lost a game when we won every lane, because of that combo. I dont understand why they allow crap like that in there game. it is the exact opposite of balance.
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