This is just depressing

Climbing into Gold again... Why is it that every year everybody gets toxic in Gold? And it's ONLY GOLD. I've been through bronze and silver and never encountered worse players. I can't believe people have this mindset that if something upsets them slightly they completely lash out. I understand if you're having a bad day, but losing lane doesn't mean you should tell the mid lane Malz to "Kill himself and his family with a noose". Like.. Who the fuck were you raised by? I've been guilty of being toxic every so often, but never to this caliber. It's sad that there isn't more leniency towards dodging queues... This game is a problem. If I get auto-filled support and my lane loses, I get absolutely bombarded by hate. And it's all because one lane is behind. I've lost faith in this game a while ago. I no longer take it seriously. But this shit just stays with me. When I play ranked most of the time I mute chat, but if I do then I can't report people for this type of shit. Ever since Season 7 if I play ranked I don't play it to win anymore. I play it to have fun. That's so fucking backwards, but it's gotten me into Gold for 3 seasons now. I'm, legitimately sad that people like this exist.
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