Why do I have a near 60% winrate in preseason with 43 games and I have gone from Plat 4 to.... Plat fkn 4??? Just shows how easy it is for promos to screw you out of climbing when you get stuck. No more free wins in Plat and I have been demoted and repromoted like 4 times. Game is set up to where it takes more wins to climb back up than losses to go down. All MR being the same, it takes 3 losses to get demoted right after a promotion. It takes 4 wins to get back to the same spot. That's over a 57% win rate just to sit where you are over an infinite amount of games. Why??? -Get demoted, down to 75LP Plat 4 -Win a game, gain around 22 LP, puts you around 97 LP. I have not ever gotten back into promos on first win after demotion, you have to have a second to get those few more points. -In promos, have to win 2 more games to get promoted. Back into P3 with a total of 4 wins. From there it only takes 3 losses to get demoted again.... repeat vicious cycle.
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