Mordekaiser is stupid

I would write a more agressive word but iam not gonna do that. Why is this champ still busted while only needing one 2 brain cells. One for R and one for auto attack. It dosnt matter at all if you misses both your q or e since the passive deals more dmg than a sion ult in a fight. Buying ap items and still being tanky as hell while having a slow that you can't escape from on his passive with {{item:3116}} . Riot even said that they dont want a 1v1 ult but why give a shit put it on a tank that wins everything and bying{{item:3194}} dosnt make a diffrence at all vs him since its still to much true dmg and passive dmg. His q and e are fine on thier own but his ult and passive is so dumb. Why does he even get a shield and hp from 2 button presses. Either am i fcking boosted and can't fight this champ for a dollar or is he just a walking time bomb that dosnt need to do shit. He does his e and aa once and his passive acitvates while Zoe on the other hand dosnt even get electrocute to proc while using e+q+auto attack. Do something with this 2 brain cell champ and reduce his passive dmg.
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