smurfing should be bannable

smurfing takes away the fun in this game im just starting out as a new player and i have run into many smurf players. im going to ask you something would you enjoy a game where you have a 20/2/0 master yi smurf destroying you and youre team. how do i know he was a smurf you ask thats simple his literal name was fucking ''smurfingonsmurf'' if that isnt proof i dont know what is the match ended in 15 minutes not because they destroyed our nexus. no its because 2 people rage quit so we had to surrender. if you are a smurf i encourage you to find the nearest highway and jump in the middle of the road. people like smurfs ruin the game and take away the fun youre supposed to have. im done getting killed over and over because theres some high tier player thats better than everyone on my team. if smurfing isnt bannable then im just going to quit im just going to quit a game that i actually think i might love.
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