Silvers need to shut up about Zed

And realize that Zed is an assassin with inherent counterplay. > BUT HE DEALS SO MUCH DAMAGE, IT'S UNFAIR. What do you expect, scum? An assassin that doesn't deal damage? What is the one and only purpose of Zed? It's to deal damage and outplay. So stop crying about being unable to 1v1 Zed, only because it's "frustrating". > BUT YOU CAN'T LANE AGAINST HIM, HE DEALS HALF MY HP EVERY 22 SECONDS Armor runes. Armguard. Ninja Tabis. Stopwatch. Barrier. There. You just won the lane. Zed **CAN NOT** kill you. > BUT NOW HE WILL ROAM ON MY TEAMMATES!!!?? Ok so now you're complaining about a highly proactive champion affecting the outcome of the game. You don't like carries. You don't like carries, because you prefer to get carried by your teammates... Realize that there is only a small selection of champions that are able to carry/escape from the 50% winrate tether. Of course Zed's winrate is considerably high for a "high skill cap champion", but only because Zed is one of those champions that actually can carry their toxic, feeding, inting "teammates". L2P

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