Old Akali

Hmm ok so I have been holding back thoughts on the Akali rework for quite some time now. For Background sake, my favorite season of all time since playing league in season 3 was either S6 or S7. In both of these seasons I picked up Akali, who was then a glass cannon assassin who had 3 jumps on her ulti and was very difficultt to play late game into teamfights, dependent on enemy comp. (I may be mistake as this was a decent amount of time ago, feel free to correct me on Akali's place in late game.) Akali still remains my #1 played champion to this day, regardless of how little I have played her rework since it's conception in season 8. I will be the first to say, the new Akali, both visually and game play wise, is awesome. Game play is interesting, though far less appealing since she has been continuously nerfed, to the point of her wr being like 47% lol. Visually she is easily one of the coolest champions in the game imo, love the tatoos hair style etc. With that being said, as a champion, for me, she just doesn't do it anymore. Though simplistic, I thoroughly enjoyed her old play style, spell vamp methods, and the crazy damage she did late if executed properly. I miss being able to dash around with her 3 proc ulti, and outplaying by dancing around shroud and jumping to minions if the enemy jungler tried to gank me. The saddest part about that is that the likelihood of my favorite champion coming back is honestly little no none. Leblanc came back (for whatever reason), but even then, I still don't see it happening. I know I'm in a very minuscule minority of people who prefer the old akali, but I just wish I could have her back, ideally, old akali kit, with new akali visually update. Also I'm just saying, with WoW Classic coming out, I, among many others, would absolutely adore a Season 3-6 Old Content server. That would be sick. Likely? prob not lol.
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