Yeah this is why your game is trash riot.

Game 1 In-Game AccountBannedINC: can you watch your laner PLS AccountBannedINC: nah i tried to alpha to fcking minion AccountBannedINC: got stun cc'd so damn long AccountBannedINC: cmon vlad AccountBannedINC: trap AccountBannedINC: awesome AccountBannedINC: gg AccountBannedINC: im tilted AccountBannedINC: yeah im done AccountBannedINC: no one on our team has good cc to gank into honestly cept nami AccountBannedINC: sadsly yeah AccountBannedINC: ehh im too far behind tbh AccountBannedINC: what a monkey ass AccountBannedINC: nami died before you got there tbh AccountBannedINC: elsie stun is cancer AccountBannedINC: lmfao AccountBannedINC: don't even blame me AccountBannedINC: you got 1v1'd twice mid and i wasted my time helping you AccountBannedINC: sadly AccountBannedINC: not gonna argue with a vlad that loses to ryze, muted AccountBannedINC: you have no map awareness, not my fault AccountBannedINC: sad in plat already you can't look at map AccountBannedINC: scrub AccountBannedINC: Someone tell me how a vlad loses to a ryze L:MFAO AccountBannedINC: Nah I guess skill difference is just too great AccountBannedINC: Not to mention map awareness :) AccountBannedINC: That i understand AccountBannedINC: But AccountBannedINC: No map awareness at this lvl? AccountBannedINC: gg pls report vlad Post-Game AccountBannedINC: you're so bad AccountBannedINC: learn to open your eyes AccountBannedINC: look at map AccountBannedINC: losing to ryze LMFAO AccountBannedINC: Yeah that was my fault AccountBannedINC: didn't think he'd suck THAT hard AccountBannedINC: idc about graphs go look at your hardstuck plat AccountBannedINC: nuff said "On thin ice cause coming back from 2 week rtarded ban" God you should've saw that my braindead mid laner vlad was saying. Idc about ban honestly, just punish the fcking morons who deserves it also if you're going to punish me also. Kid couldn't open his eyes to ganks, says I "need to ping ahead of time" when you're a fcking plat 1 YOU CAN'T HAVE MAP AWARENESS? You boosted fuck. Fck off riot you pathetic sensitive company. Fix your shit from people paying for their pathetic boost cause they're trash. The kid went from season 4 bronze the season 8 plat and all in between was bronze silver and gold. What a fcking joke. Hella boosted hard when he's this shit. But whatever, at least I didn't waste money on this trash dead af game. You can go cry into your corner Brandon Beck Marc Merrill with your trash shit report system. All just because one R-TARD couldn't play with half his brain, but clearly there isn't one there. Vlad losing to Ryze. PFFT how fcking trash this kid is. Whatever, on to smurf to climb this trash game back to trash plat again. EDIT: FYI, half of the things said wasn't to anyone in particular other than stupid vlad, just ranting outloud/in-game. Aka good cc. Time to start rage quitting in the middle of the game and not type anything cause I won't get punished, HA.
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