I haven't had a chat ban in a really long time. This is just pathetic but also very comical that Riot is this soft. I get inting trolls! 0/10 Jinx 2/9/0 Vayne etc etc.. They ks when they want you to carry tooo????????????????????? YIKES SO AGAIN FIX THE DRAFT MATCHMAKING SO I CAN STOP GETTING THESE REJECTS ON MY TEAM AND GET PLAYERS THAT ACTUALLY WANT TO PLAY/WIN A GAME OF DRAFT. I stat checked them after the game they all have 2.0 kds. So they arent actually Negative iq. Litteraly just inting. If you have a 2.0KD+ You DO know whats going on. This is litteraly an int. 0/6 Vayne 8 mins in COME ON. Game 1 In-Game TrapicsX: good TrapicsX: bye TrapicsX: i ulted xayah :9 - Full combod the xayah and the Sej 1 hit aa's. TrapicsX: W TrapicsX: T TrapicsX: F TrapicsX: TURN YOUR MONITOR/TV ON TrapicsX: THANKS TOP AND JG TrapicsX: BACKING TrapicsX: WITH A FREE KILL TrapicsX: IN OUR JG TrapicsX: AND YOU HAVE TrapicsX: FULL HEALTH TrapicsX: AND MANA TrapicsX: apes TrapicsX: liteally apes - The halfway decent Sej decided to 1v5????????????????????????? TrapicsX: and you ff TrapicsX: so stupid - they start ffing on the easiest game ever HAHAHAH Bronze elo loves to just ff. TrapicsX: YOU CERTAINLY ARENT TrapicsX: BACK WITH FULL HEALTH AND MANA TrapicsX: MORE TrapicsX: THATLL HELP - Sej top side doing gromp etc instead of team fighting.... 4 people on their team get away with 1 hp. TrapicsX: IF OUR SEJ TrapicsX: IS THERE TrapicsX: FOR THAT FIGHT TrapicsX: WE WIN TrapicsX: BUT GUESS WHAT GUYS TrapicsX: SHES TOP LANE TrapicsX: FARMING - insert inting vayne smart ass remark. TrapicsX: LOL TrapicsX: youre 1/6 TrapicsX: should prob mute everyone tbj - insert inting vayne smart ass remark. TrapicsX: k TrapicsX: nice TrapicsX: 1v5 Actually 1v4 - Sej as she litteraly tries to 1v4 TrapicsX: even more embarassing Vayne ints again - "Yaaa im playing badly" TrapicsX: ha TrapicsX: badly? TrapicsX: INTeresting comment - insert inting vayne smart ass remark. TrapicsX: id hope? TrapicsX: youre 1.7 TrapicsX: 1/7 "Your not a god zed you cant carrt us" - my inting team TrapicsX: cant do much now TrapicsX: into a fed irelia and kayn - insert smart ass sej remark TrapicsX: get TrapicsX: out TrapicsX: jungled TrapicsX: harder - as kayne is 20/0/7 and sej is just trolling in chat. TrapicsX: nice ks vayne I full combo someone with a big bounty and the inting vayne ks's it with 1 aa for all of the gold. as if we need her having the gold. TrapicsX: hahaha pleb TrapicsX: litteraly biggeest pleb ks ive ever seen TrapicsX: as if wed ever need money on you TrapicsX: yaa the 2/8 vayne needs items "This zed sucks report him- Inting vayne TrapicsX: yaa report me TrapicsX: hahahaha TrapicsX: not the inting vayne TrapicsX: Im NoT InTiNg- 2/9/0 vayne TrapicsX: lol Post-Game TrapicsX: 500 iq vayne TrapicsX: cool TrapicsX: idc TrapicsX: feed harder next timne vaynee

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