I know all the LL stylish wannabes will hate me for this post. However, I truly need to get it off my chest for literally ANYONE to relate to. Zed Is The Most Unfun Champion To Play Against PERIOD. Never have I ever just wanted to dodge purely because a person on the enemy team decides to pick a single champion that makes my blood boil. A champion I know will have the outcome of one of two scenarios: Either I completely and utterly destroy him in lane, he roams, and gets a double kill on my bot lane, then proceeds to dive me under tower at full HP and kill me without receiving a scratch OR I lose laning phase and I’m forced to buy Zhonyas or GA first item to survive. God forbid I step out from under turret. I’ll just hear the sound of ghost blade popping as he Naruto runs at me. Either way, I am forced to have an unfun and unfair time purely due to the fact of a single champion. It’s not fun for the counter to a champion to be building zhonyas just to SURVIVE. Even then, when you use zhonyas, assassin cooldowns are so low hes probably going to kill me or force me out of lane twice before my zhonyas is off cooldown! Then I’m stuck in this predicament where I do 0 damage, AND get one shot. Also, the argument “they take skill!” Can honestly lick my butthole. Zed takes no ounce of skill, I play mages and ADCs. I have NEVER been good at assassins OR melees, and I still managed to destroy lane as Zed on my FIRST TRY. Even if he was skill intensive, just because a champion takes “skill” DOESNT mean that they should have the right to just one shot you because some sweat-lord decided to sit in the practice took for 10 minutes just spamming combos. This has always been my argument. Everyone has always thought champions like Zed, Yasuo, Irelia, Katarina, etc. have been “skill intensive champions” wanna know why? Because they LOOK complicated when in actuality, they’re just flashy and look complicated because they’re dashing around every two and a half seconds then have the audacity to spam mastery like they did something. Assassins BREED toxicity, because NO ONE enjoys playing against them. Riot made a fun champion to play, but an unfun champion to play against. The fact that most of them are manaless or resourceless is a different rant for a different thread.
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