Riot support/whoever the fuck makes the "rules" for toxicity/ranked problems

Something that's always bothered me about this game especially recently is how little power riot's support has/the extremely small amount of control they actually have over toxic situations. I don't understand how riot think's that ok for people to soft int/run it down/grief over all but god bless if you fucking say something to them, you get a 14 day chat restriction. Even when you go to support you get told to fuck off that "they'll check it out and punish people accordingly". After about the third time of doing what a support agent told me to do and took it to submitting a ticket with video evidence and seeing the player not be punished I kinda realized they're full of shit. So fuck yall for telling me you're going to do something then do nothing about it Secondly I'll never understand how there's people actually out there stupid enough to think verbal toxicity is worse than inting/griefing. Like you fucking implemented a mute button for a reason it takes all of two seconds to ignore someone being toxic, and fuck most of the time the toxicity comes from the players actually trying to win the game. I'd rather see people bitching all game but trying than seeing someone just straight up grief. I just don't understand how the root problem is ignored, nor why you're told to report it so the support staff, and when you mention a way to fix it they send you to the boards because "we have 0 communication with devs" which is something I'll never understand, like the fuck is the point in them, why send us to this shit hole or reddit where it'll never be seen. Since I'm here might as well let it all out, why the fuck isn't people first timing champions in ranked reportable, you're essentially griefing, like can we get a "you must be mastery rank 5" to play this champion in ranked or some shit, like fuck at least they might have "some" fucking idea on how the champion should work by that point Also fuck you people for adding iron and not reducing the starting mmr of players, players are started at mid to high silver mmr and just don't ever fucking leave because it's impossible to demote, hence why diamond is a shit show too since it's a bunch of boosted players that literally cant drop out because of how their system works (it works for every rank but there are two cesspools they were trying to get rid of and failed fucking miserably) can we just get an actual fucking mmr system without these stupid fucking promo games, like how the fuck is that rewarding, especially when for some god awful reason when you're in promos the mmr for your games are lower then your normal ranked games. Back to the point of players not being punished, I reported a player boosting another account before this post, it was an obvious boost, even mentioned they were doing it in game 49% wr support player randomly turns into a zed 1 trick with a 92% wr, and i sit here knowing that that sack of shit is going to get ranked rewards and shit while i sit here looking at my honor 1 and no rewards this season because some shitty support player refused to admit the bot made a mistake (the whole account gets auto flagged after 40 lines of text bullshit, me and the enemy jungler were bantering even said we were bantering and nothing being said was personal) but no these people are told to praise the stupidly worthless instant feedback system and to fucking send us there, like to even submit a fucking report you have to click that "this is the best way to report someone" when it obviously isn't but hey look you did a ban wave with it before the season ends two years in a row to make your stats look better and like its actually good congratufuckinglations you %%%%s you accomplished nothing yet again So I didn't hit the post button before my game started, I literally just had a shen that had 0 ranked games get put in a silver 1 lobby, int 3 times and then afk, the enemy team had a bot lane that was ap sivir and lulu, the first time kaisa lost to it somehow, lulu said they were afk half the game, but yeah nothings going to happen to any of them like fuck you people for thinking this is acceptable i question what the fuck is wrong with my dumbass for continuing to play this shit game /end rant
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