How do I play ranked?

It has become impossible for me to play ranked. I am iron 4 or I think not even ranked and i constantly matched with silver or higher players. The following scenario has happened in my first 3 consecutive ranked games: (im adc) 1. While I am farming support gets rooted and I continue to farm. I assume it's the support's job to let me farm. 2. He then says some shit and goes forward to poke them. He then gets hit again. 3. Then their jungler ganks, support gets killed and support blames me for no reason. 4. I honestly don't die in the beginning but support starts poking and eventually gives them like 3 kills then he goes mid and I'm left alone. 5. Farming becomes hopeless and everyone blames me for no reason My question is why is the base so toxic. How can I learn if I am not even allowed to play. I mean when anybody even the top dies far away they blame me for no reason and all kinds of slurs. Just by looking at my rank even 0/6 jg blames me. I mean I cannot help if I am behind on cs just because my support left me after 2 min. Most toxic people on the internet here on league. What do I do now? I cannot risk one more game but im bored of playing normal. I'm level 46 after all.
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