Fix your community Riot

You're community has grown so f**king toxic in low elos. Do something about it. I come back for one game after a few weeks off - I usually play during LCS time, I come back and play one game and get blamed for someone else's mistake. But since I was support I was called out for it, then teammates; who probably don't ever unlock their screen, piled in to give their unwanted 2 cents towards a matter they have no knowledge about. etc and every time something happened near me afterwards was automatically my fault. I got fed up and won't be at all surprised if i log on in another 3 weeks to see a chat restriction because I went off, not on anyone in particular but to whoever spoke up to me. I know there's a mute button and I normally use it but this was my FIRST game back and already I don't even want to queue for another. And the fact that after the game if you want to stay and check stats for a few seconds, you exit out of the stat screen to find a whole chat box of "Report such and such for being bad and trolling and inting" since you can't fucking keep them muted after the game or ban within a game. I get it, you can't control people. But control your game. 99% of the time this game can be communicated with pings while in game. And in pregame lobby no one is flaming yet - usually. So there's nothing wrong with that.
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