Sorta Rant, Sorta Suggestion

Kinda upset that a random patch ago (unsure which) the map markers for skarners pylons, Just up and vanished. Now all you get is: CRYSTAL CHARGE: While within range of a Crystal Spire controlled by his team, or while an enemy is Stun icon stunned with Fracture Fracture or Suppression icon suppressed with Impale Impale, Skarner gains 70 − 120 (based on level) Movement speed icon bonus movement speed, 43% − 160% (based on level) Attack speed icon bonus attack speed and restores Mana icon 2% maximum mana every second. (copied from wikia cause lazy) and the whole AOE vision, I feel the crystals should play more of an effect on his kit rather then a handful of speed, attack speed and mana gen while near it inside the jungle. I feel like skarner should get stronger buffs the more pylons he controls, it promotes map control as well as give skarner some much needed love (since he's been extremely underwhelming far before the juggernaut update years ago) My random ideas that im thinking up now are No pylons are already captured for Skarner or the enemy. 1-2 Pylons: AOE Attack speed, Movement speed and Mana gen around the two pylons (basically as it is now) 3-4 Pylons: Crystal Slash costs half the mana to cast and gets off cool down twice as fast. 5 Pylons: Crystaline Exoskeleton is now auto cast upon being broken and off cool down (Can cast for larger shield) 6 Pylons: Grants Vision (The size of a farsight ward) around the pylons, Immediately removed if one of the pylons are captured. Self Made Goals: Give skarner more purpose then being a drag you into the team champ Give more power around the pylons rather then buffing his direct skills in terms of damage or stats Also give the Scorpion a VO or a VU, he looks ancient compared to many champs that are even more ancient than him. {{champion:72}} {{champion:72}} {{champion:72}} {{champion:72}} {{champion:72}} {{champion:72}} {{champion:72}} {{champion:72}} {{champion:72}} {{champion:72}} {{champion:72}} {{champion:72}} {{champion:72}} {{champion:72}} {{champion:72}}

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