New players to ranked need to not be in others games

It's really old getting people who have never played ranked and are still in their placement games on a team. They get destroyed every single time. Especially when they are barely over level 30. They need to have their own placement games against others who are in their placement games as well. They also need to make ranked not able to be played until level 50 or something to make sure that the people have played more than bot games. This is absolutely ridiculous that people can ruin games because they don't have enough experience actually playing against other people. Get them out of ranked until they can actually be competitive. This is just another aspect of how shitty the matchmaking system is right now. Fix your garbage Riot. You been jacking it up for years. It's way past time to start listening to your playerbase instead of doing what your ego says is a good idea. You have failed twice now ( dynamic queue and positional ranks ) because you fail to listen. Get over your ego and start fixing your ranked play. There is a reason your game is falling off in NA and this is a prime example of you not listening for years and players getting fed up with it.
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